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Business selections

It is possible to run selections from the Trade Register information for companies filed with the register, recently registered companies and dissolved companies. Selections can also concern companies that are related to a certain person or a certain nationality. We also provide selections from the Register of Foundations and the Register of Enterprise Mortgages.

You can run selections yourself in the Virre Information ServiceOpen link in a new tab. This requires that you register for the service or become a contract client. Read more in the instructions for Virre.

Alternatively, you can order selections separately by concluding a contract with the PRH. Further information is provided by Virre Client Support, tel. +358 29 509 5675,

Finnish Trade Register’s selection service

It is possible to enter into a contract on the Finnish Trade Register’s selection service.

The service contains

  • basic selection from the valid and most general register details;
  • the accrual files created on a daily basis of companies’ changed details and new companies.

The selection service is intended for those companies and authorities who need large quantities of Trade Register information daily for updating their registers.

The service is subject to charges.

For further information on the selection service, please ring to our customer service number +358 29 509 5675 or send an email to

Selections from the Business Information System

In addition to the free-of-charge company searchOpen link in a new tab, it is possible to order selected details against payment from the Business Information System (BIS), which is jointly maintained by the PRH and the Tax Administration.

It is possible to run selections from BIS data, for example, by

  • region in groups;
  • line of business (the main line of business provided by the company according to the Standard Industrial Classification of Statistics Finland);
  • company type;
  • register (the Finnish Tax Administration’s registers as well as the Trade Register and the Register of Foundations); or
  • date and time of registration (selections from new companies).

Go to the Open data page at to see the companies providing BIS data.Open link in a new tab

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