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General Information

Start-up notification forms

Notifications to the Trade Register have to be filed either in Finnish or in Swedish on official start-up notification forms. All forms are available in Finnish, Swedish and in English.

Please note: Fill in the forms either in Finnish or in Swedish. If you are using a set-up package in English for limited liability companies, fill in the forms in English. Read more: Set-up package in English

Using the same forms, you can also report a business to registers kept by the Tax Administration, which are the VAT Register, the Prepayment Register, the Employer Register, and the register of bodies liable for tax on insurance premiums. Further details on these notifications are available on the Tax Administration web site.Open link in a new tab

The forms include a basic section jointly used by both the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) and the Tax Administration, and a section only used by the Tax Administration. There are also appendix forms, specific for each type of business, for the use of the Trade Register. The details you write in the section used by the Tax Administration are not public, and they are not disclosed to third parties. The basic section and the Trade Register’s appendix forms are public documents as soon as they arrive at the authorities in question.

Instructions in English on how to fill in the basic section are available at the Business Information System website www.ytj.fiOpen link in a new tab, whereas instructions on filling in the Trade Register’s appendix forms are printed on the forms themselves. Please enclose all required documents relating to the founding of the business.

Filing of notifications and processing time prognosis

You can file the start-up notification:

  • by sending it by mail to

PRH -Tax Administration
Business Information System
P.O. Box 2000
FI-00231 Helsinki

Check the estimated processing time for start-up notifications for new businesses

Handling fee

The handling fee must be paid in advance. It can be paid at an online bank, by using a payment ATM or over the counter at a bank. The receipt must be enclosed with the form. For further details, please read our payment instructions.

The amount of the fee depends on the type of notification.

When the notification is delivered in person to the PRH Customer Service, Sörnäisten rantatie 13 C in Helsinki, the fee can also be paid by using a debit card or any of the following credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, OK, American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard or Mastercard.

Please note that the fees cannot be paid to the tax offices.

Business Identity Code (Business ID, "Y-tunnus")

A Business ID (“Y-tunnus" in Finnish) is accorded to a business as soon as its notification is entered in the Business Information System by either the PRH, the Tax Administration, or any of the local register offices (‘maistraatti’ in Finnish). You can check any Business ID in the information service BIS Search Open link in a new tab(please enter the company name as search key) approximately two working days after you have submitted the notification or posted it.

Trade Register extract

As soon as the start-up notification has been entered in the Trade Register, the person or business who filed the notification receives a Trade Register extract free of charge. The extract contains the details entered in the Trade Register. The extract is usually sent by mail but it can also be collected from the PRH, if this has been agreed upon with the person who processes the notification. If the start-up notification has been filed by an organisation or changes have been made to the articles of partnership, articles of association or the by-laws of an organisation, a copy of these documents will also be sent to the customer along with the Trade Register extract.

Business licences

For more information on licensed businesses and those subject to notification, please visit the web site Suomi.fiOpen link in a new tab.

Anyone who runs a licensed business, either as a private trader or as an organisation, has to report a granted business licence for entry into the Trade Register. If no licence has been granted by the time of filing the start-up notification, it can be reported later by filing a notification of changes. Please send a copy of the granted licence along with the notification.

Please note our instructions:

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