Start-up notification of private trader

A person residing in the European Economic Area can operate as a private trader in business in Finland. In colloquial Finnish, private traders are often referred to as ‘toiminimi’, ‘t:mi’ or ‘yksityisliike’. In Finnish legislation, however, ‘toiminimi’ means the company name.

You can always register as a private trader at the Trade Register. This gives protection to your company name, and you can apply for an enterprise mortgage as a security for a loan.

Who must register at the Trade Register?

According to Finnish law, you must register as a private trader at the Trade Register if any of the following applies to you:

  • you operate in permanent premises, such as a room separate from your home;
  • you employ people other than your spouse, or your child or grandchild who is a minor;
  • you operate in a licensed trade.

Who does not have to register at the Trade Register?

Private traders operating in agriculture, forestry or fishing do not have to register at the Trade Register.

Before filing your start-up notification

Choose your company name carefully. After you have filed your notification, we at the Trade Register examine if there are any obstacles to registering the name. Make sure you do not print your company name on advertising signs or the like before we have approved the name. We recommend that you check names in advance using our name checking service for companies. Go to the service.

It is also important that you define your line of business. The line of business specifies your business operations. A well-defined line of business makes it clear what field the company operates in or is planning to operate in. If a business license is required in your line of business, consult the licensing authority about how to indicate your line of business. Read more about the line of business in Finnish or in Swedish.

If you live outside Finland, find out when you need a permit from the PRH for persons living abroad.

How to file a start-up notification

You can file your notification online using the service at, which is jointly provided by the PRH and the Finnish Tax Administration, if

  • you are at least 18 years old;
  • you have a Finnish personal identity code; and
  • you have your own personal internet banking codes or a mobile certificate or an electronic identity card (HST card).

Provide the following information (in Finnish or in Swedish):

  • personal details;
  • your proposal for the company name, and a maximum of two alternative names;
  • address and contact details;
  • You must report the mailing address or street address of the company to the Trade Register. You can also give other details, like your phone number or website and email addresses. Please note that all address and contact details of the company reported to the Trade Register are public details and available to anyone for example in the company search at Read more about the public nature of the Trade Register in Finnish or in Swedish.
  • Please observe when filing the contact details of a company located on the Åland Islands: If the postal code of the company is on the Åland Islands, the service at will not immediately recognise the street address you give. Therefore, the service will ask you to give another street name. You can continue by clicking on ‘I do not confirm the selection’. After that, the service will accept the street address you have given.
  • registered office, or municipality where the company is managed;
  • line of business. The line of business to be entered in the PRH’s Trade Register can be more extensive than the general line of business to be registered at the Finnish Tax Administration.

Please provide the information in Finnish or in Swedish. Our YouTube channel includes a video in Finnish with instructions on how to file your notification online. Go to the video.

Do you already have a Finnish Business ID?

If you already have a Finnish Business ID, in other words, you have run a business in Finland previously, or if you for instance want to notify the Trade Register about a company only registered at the Tax Administration, the service at will help you fill in a notification of changes after you have logged in. So in this case you use a notification of changes to notify the Trade Register about your company.

What does it cost to file online?

The online filing fee is 60 euros. You pay the fee after signing the notification.

The fee for filing an auxiliary company name online is 60 euros per name. Use a notification of changes to file your auxiliary company name. Read more about auxiliary company names.

Go to to file your notification. Please note that the online service is only available in Finnish and in Swedish.

If you file your start-up notification using paper forms, the processing time will be longer and the fee will be higher than when filing online. Go to our instructions about paper forms.

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Latest update 01.01.2019