Start-up notification of associations

Duty to notify

A non-profit association must file a start-up notification to the Trade Register if it has

  • a permanent place of business or
  • employs at least one person

for the purpose of carrying on a trade.

If the association wishes to file a notification to the Tax Administration only for being entered into, for example, the VAT Register and the Prepayment Register, form Y1 is to be used. Please note! In that case do not tick the box “Trade Register" under the heading “Registers the enterprise would like to be entered in". Notifications to the Tax Administration are free of charge. Further information on notifications to the Tax Administration can be found at

Further information on the Business Identity Codes of associations.

Notification to the Trade Register


  • Form Y1 and appendix form 12. Click here for the forms.
  • Personal data form. The Trade Register has introduced a new notification procedure. You no longer have to submit the home address of those living in Finland. Use a specific personal data form for submitting identification data of natural persons. Do not fill in personal identity codes or home addresses on any other notification forms. Read more
  • Form Y1 must be signed by the chairperson of the association’s Executive Committee or any person authorised by the chairperson.
  • If an authorised person signs the notification, either the original general power of attorney or a certified copy must be enclosed.

Details to fill in

  • association’s business name (The business name must contain the association’s name as entered in the Trade Register. Further information on business names.)
  • what kind of business the association carries out (Please note: the purpose of the association as defined in its rules cannot be entered in the Trade Register as its business. Under section 5 of the Finnish Associations Act (503/1989), an association may only practice a trade or other economic activity that has been provided for in its rules or that otherwise relates to the realisation of its purpose or that is to be deemed economically insignificant.)
  • the association’s name and registered office as entered in the Register of Associations
  • the postal address used by the association in its business.


  • a receipt showing that the handling fee has been paid
  • evidence on the association’s right to practice a trade, if necessary
  • evidence on the election of the chairperson of the Executive Committee, if necessary
  • when holders of procuration are notified for registration in the Trade Register, evidence on their election in the form of a certified copy of the meeting of the Executive Committee

Please note

The association must be registered in the Register of Associations before it can be recorded in the Trade Register.

There is no need to submit an extract from the Register of Associations or association’s rules to the Trade Register, because we acquire them of our own motion.

How to found an association.

Handling fee

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