General information on how to file a notification

Notifications to the Trade Register must be filed either in Finnish or in Swedish using online filing service or paper forms jointly provided by the PRH and the Finnish Tax Administration.

You can report your details at the same time to the following registers of those two authorities:

  • the Trade Register
  • the Prepayment Register
  • the VAT Register
  • the Employer Register

How to file notifications online

You can file most notifications in our online service at If you file your notification online, you also pay the handling fee online.

Please note that the online service is only available in Finnish and in Swedish.

To use the online service, you need to have a Finnish personal identity code and either personal internet banking codes, a mobile certificate, or an electronic identity card (HST card).

Go to to file your notification online.

Ulkoinen sivusto, avautuu uuteen välilehteen

How to file notifications using paper forms

You will find the notification forms grouped by type of company at the website. For instance, if you want to change limited liability company details, go to “Notification of changes" to get access to the instructions by type of company.

Please fill in the form either in Finnish or in Swedish. Fill in one copy of the form.

The form contains several pages. Fill in only the details that have changed.

Use a specific personal data form for submitting identification data of persons. Do not fill in personal identity codes or home addresses on any other notification forms. Read more about personal identity codes and home addresses.

If you file your notification on paper, you must pay the handling fee in advance. Please ensure that the receipt is enclosed with the notification. See our payment instructions.

Sign the forms and send them to the address below. Please note that you have to send the original copies of the forms.

Mailing address

PRH -Tax Administration
Business Information System
P.O. Box 2000
FI-00231 Helsinki, Finland

You can also submit your notification in person to the PRH Customer Service in Helsinki or to local tax offices. See the contact details for the PRH Customer Service point in Helsinki.

Go to for contact details for the local tax offices.

What does it cost to file a notification?

All notifications submitted to the Trade Register are subject to a fee, except for changes of address or contact details, or notification of beneficial owners, or notification of your resignation or the termination of an assignment or termination of business.

Please note that the handling fees are different for online filing at and for filing using paper forms. See our handling fees.

Who signs the notification?

The notification must be signed by a person who is liable to file the notification, or by a person he or she has authorised (section 14 of the Finnish Business Information Act; Yritys- ja yhteisötietolaki 244/2001).

If an authorised person signs the paper notification, the original power of attorney or a certified copy of the power of attorney must be enclosed (read more below).

Limited liability companies and co-operatives

The notification is signed by a member of the board of directors, or, if changes are filed, by a member of the board of directors or the managing director.

General partnerships or limited partnerships

The notification is signed by a general partner.


The notification is signed by the representative, or the person authorised to sign the company name of the branch.

Private traders

The notification is signed by the private trader.

If the private trader or a partner of a general partnership or the liable partner (general partner) of a limited partnership dies, the distributee of his or her death estate is also liable for submitting a notification. But a distributee who has not benefited from the estate and, besides taking part in the estate inventory, has not taken any other steps than those referred to in Chapter 18, Section 3 of the Finnish Code of Inheritance (40/1965; perintökaari), is not liable for submitting a notification.

Other types of business

See section 14 of the Business Information Act.

What documents need to be enclosed?

In most cases, you must submit evidence of the matter which the registration is based on together with the notification. However, this does not apply to private traders.

When your business circumstances change, you must submit the decision by the organ that made the change, for example the minutes of the general meeting when a board of directors has been appointed, or the minutes of the board of directors meeting when a managing director has been appointed.

One copy of the enclosures must be submitted, and they can be copies certified by one person. We also accept extracts from the minutes if they are certified by at least one person (read more below).

Please note: Do not enclose any documents with your notification, such as minutes or partnership agreements, containing personal identity codes or home addresses.

The following accompanying documents must normally be original documents:

  • The notification form when filing a notification using a paper form (always the original, in other words the signatures on it must be original)
  • The power of attorney (Please note: always the original general power of attorney but a certified copy of a special power of attorney)

The following documents must also be original:

  • General partnerships and limited partnerships:
    -The partnership agreement and the changes to the agreement
    -The agreement to change the partnership into a limited liability company
  • Limited liability companies and co-operatives:
    -The memorandum of association
    -The draft terms of demerger
    -The draft terms of merger in a combination merger

If you file your notification online at, attach scanned documents to your notification.

Read more about the enclosures in the detailed instructions for each company type.

Extracts from the minutes as accompanying documents

The Trade Register is a public register, and the notifications, together with accompanying documents, submitted to the Trade Register are public documents.

We often require you to submit evidence of the company’s decision which the notification is based on. The evidence may for example consist of a certified copy of the minutes of the general meeting or the board of directors meeting.

If the general meeting has made other decisions, it is sufficient to submit a certified extract from the minutes showing the relevant decision. In other words, you do not have to send evidence of decisions about matters with no relation to the register.

Monitor the progress of your notification online

Monitor the progress of your notification using the notification search in the Virre Information Service. Search by using the Business ID or the record number. Go to the notification search in the Virre Information Service.

Register extracts

As soon as the notification has been registered, we will send the company or the contact person an up-to-date register extract containing all valid company details. If changes have been made to the articles of association, rules, or the partnership agreement, a copy of these updated documents will also be sent to you together with the register extract.

Keep the register extract – it helps you to keep track of your registered details and it will help you remember to submit a notification when your circumstances change.

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