About the Finnish Trade Register

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) controls the Finnish Trade Register. Details of companies are entered in the Trade Register on the basis of notifications, applications and communications received by the PRH.

The Trade Register is a register for public use. Anyone is entitled to obtain information about the entries made in the register. This principle of open access also applies to all notifications and enclosures filed with the Trade Register. Read more about the publicity of the Trade Register.

Registering your company at the Trade Register has an effect of publicity and a constitutive effect. Registration gives nationwide protection to your company name. Read more about the effects of registration.

The PRH and the Finnish Tax Administration control the Finnish Business Information System at ytj.fi. Joint notifications of the PRH and the Tax Administration are entered in the Business Information System at ytj.fi. The PRH and the Tax Administration give the company a Business ID once the notification is entered in the system at ytj.fi. Read more about Business IDs at ytj.fi.

What details does the Trade Register contain?

As a rule, all companies have to be registered at the Trade Register. Companies must report all changes to their Trade Register details, and most companies must file their financial statement details with the Trade Register.

Normally, at least the following information is registered for each company type:

  • Company name
  • Place of registered office (domicile) of company
  • Line of business of the company
  • Who represent(s) the company
  • Address of the company

Read more about personal identity codes, home addresses and other details in the Trade Register.

Read more about the information the Trade Register contains.

Trade Register also contains personal data

The privacy statement for the Trade Register describes the essential facts about the processing of personal data in the register. These include the register’s purpose of use, the data to be collected, and the rights of those entered into the register. In addition, the privacy statement explains how details are disclosed from the register. Go to the privacy statement for the Trade Register.

Read more about personal data:

Trade Register’s Advisory Service in notification and registration matters

The PRH has several advisory services to help you with matters relating to Trade Register notifications and registration. Read more about the Trade Register’s Advisory Service.

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