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Trade Register extract

You can download electronic Trade Register extracts to your computer free of charge in our Virre Information Service.

Proceed as follows in the Virre Information Service

  1. Go to the Virre Information Service. Open link in a new tab
  2. Write the Finnish Business ID of the company on the first page of the service.
  3. On the Basic details of the company page, you will see the basic details that are free of charge. Select “Electronic extract from the Trade Register" to get access to an electronic Trade Register extract free of charge.
  4. You can print out the PDF document or save it to your device.
    Please note: If the extract does not open in your device, allow pop-up windows in the browser settings and try again.
  5. If you do not know the Finnish Business ID of the company, search for it by the company name.

You can also order Trade Register extracts delivered by post.

Read more in our instructions on how to buy and order a Trade Register extract in English.

Order extracts and pay by invoice

You can also order Trade Register extracts and pay for them by invoice. In such a case, the price of a Trade Register extract is 15 euros. An invoicing fee of 6.50 euros is added. For delivery by post, we charge a delivery fee of 5.50 euros.

If the orderer is a private person instead of a company or some other organisation, write your personal identity code for invoicing on the order form under “Other information".

Go to Virre to order extracts and pay by invoice.Open link in a new tab

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