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Company search in Virre

Use the company search to search for information about companies registered at the Finnish Trade Register. Search by using the Business ID, registration number, company name or some other search criteria. The search results will show company details that are free of charge, and you can buy register extracts or other items.

Search boxes

Company name: You can search for companies by the whole or part of a company name. The company name is the name registered in the Finnish Trade Register. Both current and previous company names entered in the Trade Register are included in the search. Use the advanced search to restrict the search when searching by the whole or part of a company name.

Use the company search to search for Trade Register information about valid or dissolved companies, or companies that have notifications pending. If you do not indicate the status of the name, the search result will only show registered companies.

If you tick the box “Search by exact name only", the search will return results that exactly match your search words. Example: If you want to search for the company "Optikko X Oy", you must enter the whole name, including the company type identification Oy. Otherwise, you will not find the company.

Business ID : You can search for company details by using the Business ID. The Business ID is a company identifier, and it always has the form 1234567-8. You can also search without the last two characters (hyphen and digit).

Registration number : You can also search for company details by using the Finnish Trade Register Number. Please note that the number was used as company identifier until 31 March 2001. At present, only the Business ID is used as company identifier.

Advanced search (+)

Use the advanced search, and its search criteria, to restrict the search when searching by the whole or part of a company name. Use one or several search criteria.

Status of company: You can restrict the search by company registration status. The status is

    • “Pending" if the company has not yet been registered in the Finnish Trade Register
    • “In the register" if the company is in the Finnish Trade Register, or
    • “Dissolved" if the company has been removed from the Finnish Trade Register.

Company type: You can restrict the search by selecting one or more company types from the drop-down menu. Select several alternatives by holding down the CTRL key.

Registered office: The place of registered office is a municipality in Finland. Select several municipalities by holding down the CTRL key.

Status of the name: Select

    • “Previous name" from the menu to search for registered companies by their previous name.
    • “Latest name of dissolved company" to search for dissolved companies.
    • “Registered (current) name" to search for registered companies by their current name.
    • “Pending name" to search for companies whose names have not yet been approved and whose notification has not yet been registered.

How to search and search results

Click “Search" to run a search. Click “Clear" to clear all search boxes.

Click on the company name in the results list to go directly to the basic details of the company. You have free access to the basic details, but there are charges for viewing other information.

Please note: The search may return matches that do not include your search word(s). This may be because the company displayed on the list has previously had a name pending that resembles your search word(s).

Company information

Basic details of the company

The "Basic details" page includes the most important information about the company, such as the address, company name (including history), registration date and company type. The basic details also show whether the company has enterprise mortgages.

In addition to up-to-date basic details, you can view previous register entries by clicking on the "History" link.

Comprehensive company details

In the right-hand column of the page, you can buy comprehensive company details (on the computer screen; in the mobile version, after the basic details). After payment, you can access all comprehensive company details by clicking on the menu headings.

Please note: If you have not registered as a user, you will only have access to the details until you end your session or the network connection goes down. If you register as a user, the details are accessible for 30 days.

The “Company names" page includes information about the company's current and former company names. The information consists of the company names, parallel company names and auxiliary company names, as entered in our register.

The "Lines of business" page contains the lines of business of the company, and auxiliary company names, if any. The information is in the language in which it was registered (Finnish or Swedish).

The "Capital details" page discloses the amount of the company's capital and any changes in it. For example, for limited liability companies, you can view their share capital, and for co-operatives, their share price.

The "Assignments and positions in the company" page contains information about the persons representing the company, such as the board of directors of a limited liability company, managing director, persons authorised to represent the company, and holders of procuration. Here you will also learn who is authorised to sign for the company. Please note that no information about shareholders is available from the Finnish Trade Register.

On the "Financial periods" page , you can check the company’s financial period and the dates when financial statements have been submitted (but not actual financial statements).

On "All register entries" page , you can create an electronic Trade Register extract for a given date.

Other company details

You also get free access to lists of registered financial statements of companies and their notifications submitted to the Finnish Trade Register. Add documents to the shopping cart by clicking on the “Add to shopping cart" link beside the document you want to buy.

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