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Notification of changes for branches

The branch of a foreign trader is obliged to notify the Trade Register of any changes or additions to the registered information immediately after the change.

We recommend that you check your current Trade Register details in our Virre Information Service before you file a notification of changes, in order to see what changes and additions you have to make. Go to the Virre Information Service.Open link in a new tab

What do I file?

File any changes or additions to the following details:

  • Branch company name
  • Address and contact details
  • Persons authorised to sign the company name
  • Company name of the trader
  • Legal form of the trader
  • Type of business (line of business) of the trader
  • Persons authorised to represent the trader as a statutory body or as members of such body (for example, the board of directors of the company)
  • Representative (section 6(3) of the Finnish Act on the Right to Carry on a Trade ( Laki elinkeinon harjoittamisen oikeudesta 122/1919))

Other details that we register:

  • Financial statements
  • Parallel company name
  • Auxiliary company names and their lines of business
  • Holders of procuration
  • Business licence

The branch must operate in the same line of business as the foreign trader. Branches whose line of business is narrower than the foreign trader’s have, according to our practice, been approved for registration.

See "Instructions for filing" below.

See also “Special cases" below.

Instructions for filing

Read our instructions for filing changes of branches:

Read further instructions concerning these subjects:

Special cases

If the trader is registered outside the European Economic Area (EEA), the details that are filed with the Finnish Trade Register also comprise the trader’s other details (registered office, central administration or principal place of business) and its capital, unless it appears from the trader's establishment document or other corresponding legal paper.

Further, we register details of the director and his or her statutory right to sign the name of the company for branches subject to the Finnish Act on Credit Institutions ( Laki luottolaitostoiminnasta 610/2014).

Such a branch is not obliged to report a representative. If a representative has been selected, the branch may report the representative to the Finnish Trade Register.

Please note that under section 18(5) of the Finnish Trade Register Act ( Kaupparekisterilaki 129/1979), you must also notify the Trade Register of the following matters concerning the foreign trader who established the branch:

  • Insolvency procedure
  • Composition or other procedure
  • Placing the trader into liquidation
  • Appointment of liquidators, and their personal details and authority
  • Termination of the liquidation
  • Dissolution of the trader
  • Removal from the Finnish Trade Register
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