Trade Register extract and other information services

Finnish Trade Register details are public. The Trade Register provides

  • Trade Register extracts;
  • organisation rules, such as articles of association;
  • financial statements notifications and enclosed documents submitted to the Trade Register;
  • notifications and enclosed documents submitted to the Trade Register.

Trade Register extract

You can buy Trade Register extracts quickly and at a fair price online. The price is 3.22 euros (incl. VAT 24%).

Start by using the company search to search for the company’s basic details, which are free of charge. After this, click on the button on the screen to buy an electronic Trade Register extract.

You have immediate access to the register extract, and you can print out or save it in "Bought items" in the Virre service.

Buy Trade Register extracts in the Virre Information Service.

Read more in our instructions on how to buy and order a Trade Register extract in English.

Virre Information Service

Use the Virre Information Service to study the basic details of companies free of charge and buy electronic Trade Register extracts, financial statements, organisation rules, or notification documents. You will have immediate access to electronic items after you pay for your purchases either online using your internet banking codes, or by credit card.

You can also follow the processing status of your notification by using the notification search in the service.

Go to the Virre Information Service.

Order documents

You can order Trade Register extracts and other register documents. Read more about document orders.

Company search at

You can use the company search at to search for basic details of companies by their Business ID or their name. The company search is provided by the PRH and the Finnish Tax Administration.

Go to the company search at

Open data

Via the open data service of the PRH, you can download free of charge data in a machine-readable form from the company search at and the Finnish Trade Register’s public notices concerning limited liability companies, housing companies, co-operatives, insurance companies and public limited liability companies.

Go to the open data interface.

Services for contract clients

Read more about our services for contract clients.

Name checking service for companies

Use the name checking service to check in advance if the name you are considering for a new company qualifies for registration.

Read more about the name checking service.

Register detail services provided by our co-operation partners

Trade Register details and services processed from register details are provided by several companies.

Read more about the services provided by companies.

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