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Contents of the documents

The Trade Register extracts, articles of association, partnership agreements, by-laws or rules are either in Finnish or in Swedish depending on the language the company has used for registering their information.

Trade Register extracts

Trade Register extracts contain all current register entries of a company or business.

Translated information from a Trade Register extract

You may order a document with translated information from a Trade Register extract in English, Finnish or Swedish for the following types of companies: limited liability companies, public limited companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships, private traders, or branches of a foreign trader.

The contents of the document will vary depending on the type of company concerned, on the kind of information contained in the register, and on the company’s situation (if it is in liquidation, bankrupt, or under restructuring etc.). The following details are usually listed for a limited liability company:

  • Identifiers: company name, Business ID, registration date, company type, address and contact details
  • Name details: company name and any parallel or auxiliary company names
  • Registered office
  • Share capital
  • Financial period
  • Financial statements: the latest financial period for which financial statements have been submitted to the Trade Register
  • Representation: legal representation and representation based on position
  • Persons: their roles and names; representation by persons authorised to represent the company or representation by holders of a procuration
  • Name history

The fee for a document automatically created by our system is 40 euros. If you need other registered details, or details concerning less common company types, to be translated into English, please contact our Customer Service on +358 29 509 5900 (Monday to Friday 9.00–16.15). In this case, the fee for a translated extract is 120 euros + VAT.

Please note that we do not provide translations of the line of business.

Certified extracts from the official record of correspondence

A certified extract from the official record of correspondence certifies that a notification submitted by a company or business is registered as having arrived at the Trade Register.

It contains the following details:

  • record number of notification
  • date of receipt
  • type of notification
  • processing status of the notification

In addition, the certified extract contains any company name suggestions, the Business ID and name of the registered company or business.

Registration certificates

Registration certificates contain the date when the company or business was registered at the Trade Register, and the company name, Business ID and registered office.

You can order a registration certificate in Finnish, Swedish, English, German or French. Please enter the language in the 'Other information' field on the online order form.

Certified print-outs containing business information

You can also get a certified print-out of the same information as is available in the company search at ytj.fiOpen link in a new tab, including the company name (‘trade name’), the company’s main line of business, auxiliary company names, and contact details.

Print-outs are available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Please enter the language in the 'Other information' field on the online order form.

Read more about the documents and order.

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