Permit to establish a branch of an organisation

Organisations or foundations from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) wishing to establish a branch in Finland have to apply for a permit from the PRH.

See the European Economic Area (EEA) countries


A branch of a foreign trader must have a representative referred to in section 6(3) of the Act on the Right to Carry on a Trade. The representative is a person entitled to receive summons and other notifications on behalf of the trader. If the trader is a foreign corporate body or foundation that is founded under the legislation of an EEA country and has its registered office (designated in the statutes), central administration or head office in an EEA country, the representative must be resident in the EEA. In other cases, the representative must
have a place of residence in Finland.

Applying for a permit

You can apply for a permit in an informal letter written in either Finnish or Swedish. Provide the following information in your application:

1. The applying organisation’s name, registered office, and country where it is based

2. What permit you are applying for (permit to establish a branch)

3. The name of the branch, and the business ID if the branch already has it

4. Reasoning why the permit is necessary

5. Postal address to the applicant or representative, and other contact details

6. Date and signature by either a person entitled to represent the applying organisation, or a person he or she has authorised

If an authorised person signs the application, the original general power of attorney or a certified copy of a special power of attorney must be enclosed.

Please also submit a certified copy of the decision on the granting of the permit, together with the notification, when you report to the Trade Register about a matter for which the PRH has granted a permit.

Enclosures to permit application

  • an extract from the register in which the foreign organisation is entered, and a copy of the organisation’s articles of association or rules
  • a translation into Finnish or Swedish of any foreign-language document accompanying the application

Application fee

The application fee is €120. It is payable after the decision - to either grant or deny a permit - has been taken. There will be an additional charge of 6,5 euros for invoicing if we send both the decision and the invoice to you by mail.

Permit practice

The PRH has normally granted a permit to a branch of a foreign trader if the parent body is duly registered in its home country.

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