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Extracts, certificates and organisation rules

In Virre, you get access to register extracts, certificates, articles of association, partnership agreements, and rules once you have paid for them. Electronic Trade Register extracts are free of charge. After payment, the items will be viewable in “Bought items".

Please note: If you are a one-off client, your purchase(s) are available in “Bought items" during the present session only. Please do not close the browser before you have looked at the content of the item(s) you have paid for, or saved them onto your computer or phone. We recommend that you register for the Virre service – it will allow you to save the items that you have bought in the “Bought items" section for 30 days.

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Extracts from the Finnish Trade Register or the Finnish Register of Foundations

An electronic register extract includes up-to-date information about register entries, and it is available in the operating language of the company. You can also create an extract for a certain period of time, or for a specific day in the past. An extract for a specific day will show the details that were valid on that day, and an extract covering a given period of time will show all the details that had been valid during that time.

Use the Business ID to search for electronic extracts from the Trade Register or the Register of Foundations, articles of association, partnership agreements, rules, registration certificates, or abstracts of the Finnish Register of Enterprise Mortgages. You can easily find a Business ID by using the company search. Use the record number to search for certified extracts from the official record of correspondence.

Translated register extracts

Translated register extracts are available in Swedish, English and Finnish. They are translated automatically, and therefore the content is not exactly the same as in the original extract.

Translated register extracts in electronic form are available for:

    • limited liability companies
    • public limited companies
    • housing companies
    • general partnerships
    • limited partnerships
    • private traders, and
    • branches of foreign traders.

For other types of companies, extracts on paper are provided to order. Go to our order form.

Once you have paid for the extract, you can access it.

Translated extracts include, among other things, capital details as well as information about company situation and representation. The line of business is not given in a translated register extract, as it cannot be translated automatically.


Certified extract from the official record of correspondence: The extract states that a notification from a company or foundation has been recorded as received by the Trade Register, Register of Enterprise Mortgages or Register of Foundations. You will find the record number through the notification search.

Registration certificates: Registration certificates state that a company or foundation has been registered and give the registration date.

Abstract of the Register of Enterprise Mortgages: The abstract contains information on both valid and pending enterprise mortgages encumbering the mortgageable property of the company. Sometimes, such abstracts may include, in addition to the chosen language, markings in the language in which the notification was registered.

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