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Person search

Person search allows you to search for both natural and legal persons who are, or have been, active in certain roles in companies or foundations. The search will return a list of companies and/or foundations associated with the person in question and his or her roles in them.

The person search is subject to a fee.

The search only includes such details and positions as have been notified to the Trade Register from 1 January 1994 onwards. To check earlier entries, you must go to the details of the business concerned. The personal details notified before 1 January 1994 do not include personal identity codes, and therefore the details can only be checked in the business details.

As search criteria, you can use the personal identity code or name and date of birth. From the person search, you can navigate to the role search, where you can choose to view the person's current or previous roles. By ticking the relevant box, you can also search for roles in dissolved companies. You can restrict the search by role type or company.

If a person entered in the register is subject to business prohibition, this information is shown in the search result.

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Check your own personal details

At, you can check free of charge that your own personal details are correctly entered in the Trade Register. Log on to the online service with your personal internet banking codes, a mobile ID or with your electronic identity card (HST card). The service will show your current roles entered in the Trade Register.

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