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Consent to being a responsible person

If you have filed a prohibition of registration at the Finnish Trade Register, the Finnish Register of Associations, or the Finnish Register of Foundations and you are notified as a person responsible for a company or an organisation, we will ask for your consent before registration. For example, a board member can be a responsible person.

Please note that the consent is always notification-specific, meaning that it only applies to the positions of responsibility that the company or organisation has filed.

When to give your consent?

You cannot give your consent before the PRH has received the notification filed by the company or organisation and provided it with a record number.

You can monitor the progress of your notification as follows:

How to give your consent?

Use our online form to give your consent. You cannot give your consent by email only.

To give consent using the online form requires strong authentication, and therefore you need to have a Finnish personal identity code and personal internet banking codes or a mobile certificate or an electronic identity card (HST card).

In addition, you will need

  • the Business ID of the company or organisation that filed the notification
  • the record number of the notification.

Using the same form, you can give your consent to several notifications.

Go to the online form and give your consent to the duties of a responsible person.Open link in a new tab

Monitor the progress of your consent

When the PRH has received your consent, we will send you a message showing the notified consent.

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