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How to buy

You can pay the items online using your internet banking codes.

Shopping cart

Add an item to the shopping cart by clicking “Add to shopping cart". The quantity of items in the shopping cart is indicated in the upper right-hand corner of the shopping cart at the top of the page. You can buy one or more items at a time. From the shopping cart, you can continue shopping or proceed to payment.


As a registered user or one-off purchaser , you pay for your purchases either online using your internet banking codes, or by credit card.

As a contract client , you make the payment against monthly invoices.

Bought items

After payment, the items will be viewable in “Bought items".

If you are a one-off client , your purchase(s) are available in “Bought items" during the present session only. Please do not close the browser before you have looked at the content of the item(s) you have paid for. We recommend that you save or print out the documents.

Purchases by registered clients or contract clients are available in "Bought items" for 30 days.

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