Order documents

There are several ways you can buy documents from our office.

Trade Register extract and other documents online

Buy a Trade Register extract at a price of 3.22 euros via the company search in our Virre Information Service.

Use the company search in the Virre Information Service to view free of charge basic details of businesses or housing companies and to buy Trade Register extracts and other electronic documents, such as

  • financial statements
  • organisation rules (articles of association, partnership agreements, by-laws, or rules)
  • translated extracts in English
  • electronic copies of documents in registered Trade Register notifications as of November 2014 (electronic company documents).

You can download the items in the service under "Bought items" immediately after the payment.

Go to Virre.

Order extracts and certificates and pay by invoice

If online payment or payment by credit card is not possible for you, you can order Trade Register extracts, translated extracts, certificates and organisation rules (articles of association) and pay for them by invoice.

If you order documents as a private person, please write your personal identity code on the order form under “Other information".

Go to the order form to order extracts and certificates and pay by invoice.

Order tailor-made documents and copies

You can still also order tailor-made, manually produced documents and document copies.

Please note that these documents are more expensive than the alternatives above and they have a longer delivery time.

Go to the order form to order tailor-made documents and copies.

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