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Parallel company names – translations of the company name into other languages

When you submit a parallel company name for entry in the Trade Register, the actual company name must always be in either Finnish or Swedish. In order to be valid for registration, a parallel company name must fulfil the same basic requirements as for actual company names.

A company name registration in two or more languages is allowed if the contents of the different versions conform to each other. A parallel company name is the business’ name in a language other than that of the actual company name.

Example of a parallel company name:

The actual company name is "Kuluttajatuotteet ABC Oy", and its parallel is "Konsumentprodukter ABC Ab" in Swedish" and Consumer Products ABC Ltd" in English.

Not all company names, especially coined ones, can be translated. In such cases, parallel company names can be constructed as follows:

"Ramux Oy" and its parallel names "Ramux Ab" in Swedish and "Ramux Ltd" in English.

The actual name can also contain the suffix showing the business type in several languages, for example:

"Oy Deredecano Ab"
"Star Invest Oy Ltd".


You can report the parallel company name to the Trade Register either in the start-up phase or later on.

If you report parallel company names on a start-up notification, the handling fee for the notification will cover the judgment on the names.

Businesses already entered in the Trade Register can also decide to introduce a parallel company name. In this case, submit the name to the Trade Register on the form for notifications on amendments or termination of business.

A limited liability company’s parallel names have to be entered in the articles of association. Parallel names of a general or a limited partnership have to be entered in the partnership agreement; and parallel names of a co-operative have to be entered in the rules.

Below is an example of wording for recording parallel company names in the organisation rules (articles of association, partnership agreement, rules):

"The company name is Ramux Oy; in Swedish Ramux Ab and in English Ramux Ltd".

As regards private traders, it is sufficient that they give their parallel company name(s) on the notification.

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