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Utility models

Similar to a patent, a utility model is a way to obtain an exclusive right to an invention and prohibit others from exploiting the invention commercially. Utility models are quicker and cheaper to get than patents.

Utility models are intended for product and device inventions, and they cannot be obtained for processes or uses. Read more about the types of inventions that can be protected with utility models.

The maximum term of protection for a utility model is 10 years. Read more about the validity of utility models.

Before your utility model can be registered, we at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) will examine your application. It takes an average of three months to process the application and register the utility model. Read more about the processing of your application at the PRH.

We will not examine the novelty of your invention unless you request it separately. Make sure your invention is new before you file a utility model application. Read more about how to determine the novelty of your invention.

Other ways to protect your rights

A patent is an exclusive right that enables you to prohibit others from exploiting your invention commercially. Read more in the Patents section.

A trademark is a symbol that distinguishes the goods and services of a company. Read more about trademarks.

A design right protects the appearance of a product or a part of a product. Read more about design protection.