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Dissolution of general partnerships and limited partnerships

Unanimous partners can decide to dissolve a partnership without going through liquidation proceedings.

How to file a notification of dissolution

When a partnership has been dissolved, you must notify the Trade Register by using Form Y5Open link in a new tab.

The notification must be signed by at least one partner of the general partnership, or by one general partner of the limited partnership or a person he or she has authorised with a power of attorney. If the notification is being signed under a power of attorney, the power of attorney must be submitted together with the notification. If all partners, including silent partners, sign the form, no accompanying documents are necessary.

If the notification of dissolution is not being signed by all partners, or a person they have authorised with a power of attorney, one of the following documents must be submitted together with the notification:

  • a certificate confirming that the partnership has been dissolved, signed by any partner who has not signed the notification, or
  • a dissolution agreement signed by all partners.

Handling fee

The notification is free of charge.

Enterprise mortgages

If the partnership has enterprise mortgages, they must be redeemed or some other company must assume liability for them before the dissolution can be entered in the Trade Register.


A general partnership or a limited partnership can also be dissolved by going through liquidation proceedings. In these rare cases, we recommend that you contact us for further information by emailing us at neuvonta.kaupparekisteri(at)

Company name protection ends

As soon as the notification of dissolution has been registered, the company details will be removed from the Trade Register and the protection of registered company names is no longer in force.

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