IXBRL financial statements

IXBRL (Inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language) makes it possible to create, handle, process and visualise business reports electronically.

Financial statements in IXBRL format display the information in a uniform manner according to standards and classifications. This reduces, for example, the risk of essential information being left out of the financial statements.

How to file online financial statements with the Trade Register

The PRH has built an IXBRL interface in the Trade Register in collaboration with the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms.

Software companies can create accounting programs using the IXBRL interface, and in future, accounting firms will be able to use the programs to submit financial statements to the Trade Register at the touch of a button.

How to file online annual reports with the Register of Foundations

An ongoing project at the PRH aims to enable the submission of foundations’ annual reports in IXBRL format in the near future.

The foundations that participated in the pilot project drew up financial statements for the 2019 financial period and filed them through the PRH interface.

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Latest update 07.06.2021