Here, we will present the following projects:

  • Real-Time Economy
  • Nordic Smart Government
  • IXBRL financial statements

In addition to the above, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) takes part in various projects and provides information about them on its website and in its newsroom. Go to the news and announcements section.

What is the Real-Time Economy project?

The Real-Time Economy (RTE) project, operating under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, implements the infrastructure, solutions and services that the real-time economy requires.

Read more about the Real-Time Economy project.

What is Nordic Smart Government?

Nordic Smart Government is a project run by the Nordic Trade Registers to enhance the automation and use of financial data between businesses and from businesses to the authorities. Read more about the Nordic Smart Government project.

Read more about the Nordic Smart Government project.

What are IXBRL financial statements?

The PRH has built an IXBRL interface in the Trade Register. Software companies can create applications using the IXBRL interface, and thus allowing the accounting firms to submit financial statements to the Trade Register.

An ongoing project at the PRH aims to enable the submission of foundations’ annual reports in IXBRL format in the near future.

Read more about the IXBRL project.

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