Regular public notices available in English

Trade Register’s public notices

Trade Register entries are published in Virre Information Service. In Virre, you can run a ‘Published entries search’ to find information, such as new businesses or changes to business details entered into the register during the same day. The search is free of charge and can be accessed around the clock. Go to Virre Information Service.

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Our open data service enables you to search, browse and download the following data in a machine-readable format for free:

  • data from the Finnish Trade Register’s public notices

The main purpose of the PRH open data is to enable you to retrieve data and then modify it using other applications or systems. Please note that if you are just an occasional user, you can make simple searches using the 'Published entries search' in Virre.

Go to the open data interface.

Public notices in the Patent Gazette

The Patent Gazette announces patent applications that are available to the public (18 months old), patents granted, and European patents validated in Finland. The gazette also provides links to the patents.

The gazette is published in the middle and at the end of each month. Our RSS feed allows you to see when the gazettes are published. You can subscribe to our RSS feed at the Patent Gazette's web page.

Go to the Patent Gazette.

Public notices in the Utility Model Gazette

The Utility Model Gazette announces monthly the utility models which our office has entered in its register. The gazette is published in the middle of each month.

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