Quality policy and quality indicators

Quality policy

We support our customers’ IPR activities by providing high-quality and reliable IPR authority services which are cost-effective. We treat you fairly, impartially and openly. We recognise your individual needs, and treat you kindly and equally.

You can rely on the legal certainty of our operations and on our internationally competitive quality. We also offer a competitive route for businesses that operate in the international market and apply for the protection of intellectual property through international IPR systems. Our searches and examinations are high-quality, comprehensive, and performed within the set time limits. Our decisions are precise and explicit.

Our personnel are professional, understand the quality policy, and follow the practices described in the quality documents. We are aware of our responsibilities, understand what our goals are, and feel responsible for keeping up the high standard and improving our professional skills. The PRH management help us reach our quality targets, and they are committed to improving their practices continuously.

Our main goal is always to improve our performance. We want to meet your needs and wishes, and pay attention to changes in our operating environment. We participate in international co-operation, streamline our practices and working methods, and improve our IT systems. We encourage our personnel to make suggestions for the continued development of our activities.

Quality indicators

Customer satisfaction

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Services related to patent matters meet my needs4.14.14.0

National patent applications

2015 2016 201720182019 2020
First technical office action: median time (months) 7.2 6.6 6.6
Total processing time: median time (years) 2.77 2.76 2.522.262.26 2.26
Requests for fast-tracking an application: % within the time limit 98.5 100 96.491.191.3 88.0


20152016 2017 2018 2019 2020
PCT reports sent to WIPO within the set time limit, all applications (%)
(Sending an ISR report within 16 months, and sending an IPER report within 28 months to WIPO, calculated from the priority date or international filing date)
PCT reports sent to WIPO within the set time limit, no priority claim (%)
(Sending an ISR report for a PCT application without priority claim to WIPO within nine months from the international filing date; PCT Rule 42)

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