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Identification and authorisation for online patent and utility model services

Identification is required to use the Patent Payment Service, the Deposit Account, and the PRH Document Service provided by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH). Users are automatically directed to the identification page before they use the service. In addition, the companies that use these services must give authorisation to the users who use the services on behalf of the companies.

Identification is also required to file Finnish and international patent applications online. The identification instructions are available in conjunction with the services. Read more about applying for a patent online.

Identification of private persons

The PRH Document Service and the PRH’s Deposit Account is intended only for businesses, whereas the Patent Payment Service is also available for private persons for their patent and utility model matters. Private persons should use the service to identify themselves. Private persons do not need to make any preparations for the Patent Payment Service in advance. Read more about the Patent Payment Service.

Identification and authorisation alternatives for businesses

There are different identification and authorisation alternatives that businesses can use in the three services, depending on whether the business is Finnish or foreign and whether the representatives of the company have a Finnish personal identity code. However, it is possible for all companies to use an EPO Smart Card for identification and authorisation.

How company representatives can identify themselves in the new services (read further instructions by clicking on the links below):

EPO Smart Card

The PRH grants and administers the rights of use for the EPO Smart Card in the PRH’s services.

For whom? Professionals within the IPR sector.

What do you need? An EPO Smart Card issued by the European Patent Office (EPO). Read more about the EPO Smart Card and how to apply for it on the EPO’s website.Open link in a new tab

How to deploy EPO Smart Cards in the new services and grant authorisation:

  1. Register the EPO Smart Cards to be used in the services for the PRH here: link in a new tab. Please note that cards are registered one at a time, and the card to be registered must be in the reading device for the link to work. If you already use an EPO Smart Card for the PRH’s services (for instance, in our current Document Service), you can check that the EPO Smart Card is registered for the PRH at the address above.
  2. Granting authorisation to selected personnel: fill in a form and send it to the PRH. We will publish the form at a later date.
  3. After we have processed your form, we will contact you and confirm the added rights. If necessary, we will contact the contact person stated on the form for further details. e-identification and e-authorisation

The service is administered by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV).

For whom? For Finnish businesses and for private persons who have a Finnish personal identity code.

What do you need? A means of identification accepted by the service, i.e. online banking codes, a mobile certificate, or a certificate card. If you are a representing a business, you must be authorised by the business in the authorisation service to handle the affairs of the business.

Read more about different means of identification at link in a new tab

Grant and request authorisation in e-Authorisations:

Finnish Authenticator identification and authorisation with an application

The Finnish Authenticator Identification Service is administered by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV).

For whom? For foreign businesses and for private persons who act on behalf of these businesses.

What do you need? Users need a foreigner’s user identifier (UID), and businesses must grant authorisation for these UIDs.

How to deploy the Finnish Authenticator Identification Service in the new services and apply for authorisation:

  1. Register a foreigner’s user identifier (UID) for yourself and verify your identity using the Finnish Authenticator application. Read more on how to deploy Finnish Authenticator identification at link in a new tab
  2. Submit the application for authorisation at Open link in a new tab
  3. Grant and request authorisation in e-Authorisations:

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