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Our search services

There are several patent databases available free of charge on the web. However, searching for information can be a difficult and time-consuming task. You may prefer to ask us to conduct a search for you. We have more than 100 patent search specialists at your service.

We offer the following search services

1. What is happening in a particular field?

2. What are your competitors doing?

    • Competitor monitoring
      • keep track of your competitors’ latest inventions and monitor how their patent applications are progressing

3. Is your invention patentable?

4. Does another patent impede you from utilising your product?

    • Freedom to operate search
      • find out if patents exist that could harm the commercial use of your product or the further development of your idea

5. Is the patent valid?

    • Validity search
      • Find out how strong the protection is for a patent to be licensed, or search for novelty bars to revoke the competitor’s patent. We will not examine patents granted by us, only those granted elsewhere.

Capitalise on our expertise and save time

In general, we use patent publication databases in our searches, the same ones we use for examining patent applications. The databases contain patent publications from the 19th century onwards, and from dozens of countries in Europe, Asia and North America.

Patent data is a considerable source of technical information and competitor details.

When starting product development it is important to look into the technology already known in the field, the typical technical problems in the field and also the solutions to such problems. You should also consider the cost when searching for known solutions, as we estimate that approximately half of the search and product development work overlaps.

Known solutions can help you to

  • search for new product development ideas
  • adapt to a changed competitive situation
  • offer a solution to the problems of product development
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