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Competitor monitoring

When you want to monitor your competitors’ new inventions and see how their patent applications are progressing, our information searches and monitoring services will keep you up-to-date.

We offer you the following services:

Name search - This search will give you information about the patent applications or patents of a company or an inventor in Finland or abroad. You can use the search to learn more about the technology patented by competitors or to find out the names of key inventors.

Patent family search - When you file a patent application for the same invention in several countries, the patent applications and patents in these countries are together called a patent family. The search will show you the countries where patent protection has been sought for the invention. We may also add information about the status, i.e. have the applications been granted a patent and are the patents still valid.

International monitoring of competitors - Regular monitoring of new technologies keeps your competitor information up-to-date. This service gives you information about the field of technology in which your competitors are filing new patent applications in various countries, or about the persons or businesses filing new patent applications in a particular technical field. We conduct this search, four times a year using international patent databases.

Monitoring of domestic patent applications – We can monitor the progress of requested patent applications at our office. You can follow the progress of patent applications to see if a patent is granted for it and when an opposition can be filed against it. By filing an opposition you may try to revoke a patent that is detrimental to your business, or to limit the scope of protection of the patent.

If necessary, we can revise the service to meet your requirements. Please contact our patent advisory service. See our contact details.

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