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Entry into PCT national phase at the PRH

In Finland, you enter the PCT national phase within 31 months from the international filing date or, if priority is claimed, from the filing date of your first priority application. When you enter the national phase at the PRH, you can apply either for a Finnish patent or for a Finnish utility model. Within the same period of 31 months, you have to pay an application fee for a patent or a registration fee for a utility model.

If you have paid the above fee within 31 months, you will get a further period of 2 months to submit the required translations if you pay an additional fee within those 2 months.

Read more about how to file a national Finnish patent or utility model application with the PRH, and which documents you have to submit.

If you want your application to enter into force as a Finnish patent, you can leave those parts of your application untranslated which

  • were not processed in the ISA stage because of lack of unity
  • you are not pursuing after an amendment in the IPEA stage
  • have been left out because they are not patentable (see section 1 of the Finnish Patents Act), or
  • have been left out on the basis of the special orders concerning foodstuffs and medicinal products included in the entry-into-force and transitional provisions.

You may also limit your translation to only comprise that part of the application which you are pursuing after making an amendment before the WIPO International Bureau. If you want to leave out a specific part of the translation, you must give an assurance that clearly indicates which part of the application is not contained in the translation, and also give the reason for leaving it out.

Go to our price lists for national Finnish patents and utility models .

Further information

You will find further information in WIPO’s “PCT Applicant’s Guide"Open link in a new tab . Please read: Finland – National Chapter (click on the X).

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