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Technical examination

After the formal examination, your patent application will proceed to the technical examination where a patent examiner specialised in the technical field makes a novelty search and assesses the patentability of your invention.

Conditions for a patent

According to the Finnish Patents Act, an invention can only be patented if it is new, industrially applicable and inventive, in other words, it must differ significantly from what is already known.

Read more about conditions for a patent.

Application process

If your invention meets the basic conditions for a patent and there are no obstacles to your patent application, you will receive a communication of approval from the patent examiner.

But if your invention does not meet the basic conditions for a patent and there are also other obstacles to your patent application, as referred to in Finnish patent legislation, you will receive an office action from the patent examiner.

When you have responded to the office action, the patent examiner will go through the documents you have submitted and continue with processing. After that, the examiner will either ask you to pay a publication fee or send you a new office action or a decision of refusal.

If you do not agree with the decision of refusal, you can file an appeal at the Finnish Market Court. Read more at the Market Court website. Open link in a new tab

Need help?

Contact the patent examiner or our client service, if you are having difficulties in understanding the office action you have received from us. See our contact details.

If your invention meets the conditions for a patent, your patent will be granted. Read more.

Third party observations against patent applications

Anyone can submit an observation to the PRH against a patent application during the handling process. The observation includes all material filed with the PRH by a third party before the grant of the application. The material is used to show that the invention in the application does not meet the conditions for a patent. Submitting an observation is free of charge.

The PRH informs the patent applicant of the observation, and the observation documents become public. You can also submit an observation anonymously. If you submit an observation and give your name and address, we will inform you in writing when the processing of the application has ended or a patent is granted. If a patent is granted, you can file an opposition against it if necessary. Read more about opposition.

How to submit a third party observation

Submit the informal observation in writing. Indicate the application number of the patent application concerned, and tell us why a patent should not be granted. If you refer to public material, submit copies of the documents or give the links to the documents on the Internet. Tell us when the material has become public.

Use our online form to submit an observation. Change the language of the form at the top of the page.

Go to the online form to submit the observation.Open link in a new tab

If you want to submit a third party observation anonymously, use our online form.

You can also submit the observation

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