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PRH Document Service for patents and utility models

You can use the PRH Document Service to receive and download patent, utility model, trademark and design right documents online. The service is browser-based and intended for professional corporate applicants and representatives. The PRH Document Service requires identification. Companies must also authorise the people selected to use the service.

If you are also interested in receiving trademark and design right documents, read our instructions under Trademarks.

Identification and authorisation

There are various alternatives for company representatives to identify themselves in the PRH Document Service. The type of identification determines how companies authorise people to use the service. The following identification methods are available for company representatives for patents and utility models:

  • All representatives: EPO card
  • People with a Finnish personal identity code:

Read more about identification and authorisation.

You can also use the PRH Document Service via an application programming interface (API). In that case, a client system is identified using a certificate the PRH has accepted.

Applicable legislation and basic principles of the Patent Document Service

The date of receipt of a document is the day when you have retrieved the document and the attachments in the document service. The appeal period begins from that date. You can retrieve the document within seven days after it has been sent. If you do not retrieve the document within seven days, it will be removed from the document service, and the PRH will send a printout of the document to you by post. Documents retrieved within seven days are available in the document service for 90 days. When you have retrieved a document, you can download a certificate of receipt from the service within 90 days. We will send you an automatic email about documents that are available in the document service. The email contains a link for downloading a file package containing a decision and attachments once you have identified yourself.

If the PRH Document Service is unavailable, we will send the decisions on paper.

We follow the Finnish Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector (13/2003) in sending the decisions.

Customer’s consent to sending documents online

If your company wants to use the document service or you want to file changes to an existing service account, send an email to advice.patents(a)

Go to the PRH Document Service (requires an agreement, authorisation and identification).Open link in a new tab

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