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Patents are public information. Each year, over 2 million new patent documents are published. In total, over 80 million patent documents have been published in several languages in over 100 countries.

There are two types of patent publications:

  • application publications
  • publications of granted patents

These are published in online databases.

Explore our free databases

A patent is granted for a new and inventive product, device or method. Before applying for a patent, explore our free databases to check the novelty of your invention. This will help you avoid unnecessary surprises and at the same time save time and money.

You can also ask our specialists to carry out a preliminary novelty search or order one of our search services.

Read more about our search and examination services.

Where can I find information?

The following free databases are available:

  • PatInfo
    Ulkoinen sivusto, avautuu uuteen välilehteen
    – basic information on Finnish patents, utility models and supplementary protection certificates (SPC) and associated documents
  • FI-EP – basic information on European patents currently in force in Finland
  • Espacenet – patent and utility model publications from all over the world
  • Publication server – translations of European patents into Finnish since May 2007, Finnish granted patents since January 2009, and Finnish registered utility models since February 2009 as well as application publications for patent applications since October 2018
  • Patent and Utility Model Gazettes
      • Patent Gazette – a compilation published twice a month of all public notices associated with patents, informing you when patent applications will become available to the public and when patents are granted
      • Utility Model Gazette – a compilation published once a month of public notices associated with utility models

In general, patent application become available to the public 18 months after the filing date. Therefore, your application can be pending, even though you cannot yet find it in the database.

Please note that when you are looking for inventions within a particular technical field, the patent classification can be of assistance. Our databases include a search field where you can enter the desired class. Read more about patent classification.

Read more about the processing of personal data in the Patent Register and in the Utility Model Register. Go to the privacy statements for the Patent Register and the Utility Model Register.

Industrial property rights dictionary

Finnish-Swedish-English-German-French dictionary of patent, trademark and protection of design terminology:

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