Addresses and contact details

Companies’ addresses and other contact details are public information

Trade Register entries, including companies’ addresses and contact details, are public information which is available for all.

You have free access to companies’ basic information through the Virre Information Service

Ulkoinen sivusto, avautuu uuteen välilehteen
and the Business Information System (BIS). In addition, information is disclosed from the BIS and Trade Register in many forms to individuals, businesses and authorities.

One address detail is mandatory

For businesses, their postal address or street address must be submitted. Submission of other information is optional.

You can report the following information about your company for entry in our information service:

  • postal address
  • street address
  • telephone
  • mobile phone number
  • fax
  • email
  • website address

Online notification about change of address

In our online service at the BIS website, you can submit your changed address or other contact details online to both the PRH and the Finnish Tax Administration. The service is only available in Finnish and in Swedish. Online filing is free of charge.

Please note: If you notify us about a change of the place of your business’ registered office or the municipality from which the business is managed, the notification is subject to a charge.

Read more about online filing at

Change of address submitted on a paper form

You can also submit your new contact details by post using one of the following forms which you can print out from the BIS website at

  • Form Y6 (private trader) The private trader must sign the form.
  • Form Y5 (general partnerships or limited partnerships) The general partner must sign the form.
  • Form Y4 (other businesses). For a limited company, a board member or the managing director must sign the form. For other businesses, see section 14 of the Finnish Business Information Act.
  • Any of the forms above may be signed by a specially authorised person. If he or she signs the notification, the original general power of attorney or a certified copy of a special power of attorney must be enclosed with the notification.

Please note: You cannot submit the details in question by phone or a free-form email.

Handling fee

  • The notification is free of charge.
  • We will not send you any updated register extract. Instead, you can check the updated entry in the BIS Search.
  • Please note: If you notify us about a change of the place of your business’s registered office or of the municipality from which the business is managed, the notification is liable to a charge.


  • You must report any changes to the registered details without delay.

Submit your address separately to the Finnish Post Office (Posti)

Company addresses submitted to Posti are not forwarded to the business information system BIS, and addresses entered into the BIS online filing at are not delivered to Posti. Thus, remember the following:

  • Report your address to Posti when you start a business, set up a new office or change the name of your company.
  • Inform Posti if your home address is also the postal address of your company.
  • Read more about how to notify company addresses on Posti's website.

Changes to names or personal address

If you have a Finnish personal identity code which has been entered in the Trade Register, you do not have to report changes to your name to the register, as we update the names directly fromthe Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Updated name entries can be found under 'Currently valid personal details' at the end of the Trade Register extract. The name change will not be updated in the actual register entry such as, for example, the board of directors. If you want to change your name in the actual register entry, you must submit the new name on a form for notification of changes and pay the handling fee of 85 euros, or report the new name later in connection with the filing of some other notification.

Those living abroad who do not have a Finnish personal identity code and who wish to report a change of address must file a notification of changes to the Trade Register.The notification is free of charge.

Please note that the Trade Register Act changed on 1 January 2014. Personal identity codes are no longer shown on Trade Register extracts. Neither will home addresses of those living abroad. Read more.

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