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Change of address and contact details using paper forms

Company address and contact details filed with the Finnish Trade Register will be publicly available for anyone, for instance in the company search at

It is free of charge to file changes of address and contact details online at or using our paper forms. Please note that online filing is only available in Finnish and in Swedish. Go to our instructions: How to file a notification of changes using the online service at


Save the form to your computer before filling it in.

Please fill in the form in Finnish or in Swedish.

Use the following paper forms by company type:

Who can file

The private trader signs the form.

In general partnerships and limited partnerships, a general partner signs the form.

In limited liability companies or co-operatives, a board member or the managing director signs the form.

For more information about who can sign the form on behalf of other businesses, see section 14 of the Finnish Business Information Act at Finlex Data Bank:

The form can also be signed by a person authorised by any of the above people. If an authorised person signs the notification, you must enclose the original general power of attorney or a certified copy of a special power of attorney.

Submit your address separately to the Post Office

Go to our instructions: Submit your address separately to the Finnish Post Office (Posti).

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