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Filing companies' change of address or contact details with the Trade Register using paper forms

You must file your company's postal address or street address with the Finnish Trade Register.

If you want, you can also file other company contact details, such as the

  • phone number
  • email address
  • website address.

Please note that all the details you file are public and available in the company and organisation search at

You can also request your registered public contact details to be removed from the register.

How to file

You can file the notification in the online service at link in a new tab

When you file the notification on paper, use the forms below:

The form can also be signed by a person authorised by any of the people above.

If an authorised person signs the notification, you must enclose the original general power of attorney or a certified copy of a special power of attorney.

Printable version Latest update 12.06.2024