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Publicity of the Trade Register

The Finnish Trade Register is a register for public use. Anyone is entitled to obtain information about the entries made in the register. This principle of open access also applies to all notifications and enclosures filed with the Trade Register.

Take special care of personal identity codes and home addresses

When you send notifications, do not include any documents that contain personal identity codes, home addresses, or other sensitive details, such as health details. Such documents may include minutes and partnership agreements.

If you file your notification using our paper forms, file the person’s identification details on a separate personal data form. Do not fill in personal identity codes or home addresses on any other notification forms.

Read more about the processing of personal data at the PRH.

Personal identity codes and home addresses of those living abroad

We disclose details on the last four digits of the personal identity codes and home addresses of those living abroad from the Trade Register’s electronic data only if the requirements in section 16 subsection 3 of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities are fulfilled. In other cases, we disclose the person’s country of residence instead of the home address if the person lives abroad. Read more about the disclosure of personal data in the privacy statement for the Trade Register.

Publicity for those filing notifications

When you plan to file a notification with the Trade Register, remember that the register is public.

Please note for example the following matters:

  • Instead of filing meeting minutes in their entirety, you can enclose an extract certified by one person to your notification. The extract does not need to contain decisions that are not entered in the Trade Register.
  • The contact details that your company has filed are available in our information services, such as the company search at This also applies to the representative’s contact details.
  • Use a specific personal data form for filing identification data of natural persons with the Trade Register. Do not include personal identity codes or home addresses on any other forms or enclosures. If you have a non-disclosure for personal safety in the Population Information System, do not include your municipality of residence in the documents you file with the Trade Register.
  • If you are filing details on a person with a Finnish personal identity code with the Trade Register, do not file the person’s home address.

Publicity in our information services

The basic task of the Trade Register is to support society’s activities by providing information about companies. Read more about the Trade Register’s information services.

Information service businesses also use details from the Trade Register. For more information about the services, we recommend that you contact the service providers directly.

Personal details in the Trade Register

Read more about the personal details entered in the Trade Register.

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