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Electronic signature in Trade Register notifications

You can file the most typical Trade Register notifications concerning the most common company types in the online service at, but some notifications can still only be filed using our paper forms.

Enclosing electronically signed documents with Trade Register notifications

In certain cases, the Trade Register approves electronically signed documents as enclosures of notifications, for example:

  • general meeting and board meeting minutes;
  • limited liability companies' start-up notifications when using paper forms;
  • powers of attorney that authorise to sign notifications on paper;
  • affirmations and certificates filed on the Trade Register appendix form; and
  • when financial statements and annual report are filed directly with the Trade Register, after which the PRH checks the signature and approves the electronic signature.

The printout must clearly indicate the system used for signing and that the document has been signed. In connection with the Trade Register Advisory Service, we cannot foresee whether a single signature method is capable of being registered. The matter is not solved until the notification has become pending.

Some enclosures must be filed with the Trade Register in the original. Such enclosures are, for example, a limited liability company's memorandum of association, draft terms of a combination merger, and a contract about the change of company form. If a document that should be filed in the original has been signed electronically, we also accept a scanned picture of it in PDF format instead of the original document. The picture must clearly indicate the system used for signing and that the document has been signed.

Notification forms on paper to the Trade Register

Y forms cannot be signed electronically. Send your signed Y forms on paper with their enclosures to:

Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) – Tax Administration
Business Information System
P.O. Box 2000

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