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Online document search for documents relating to Trade Register notifications

You can use the Virre service to buy public documents relating to Trade Register notifications of companies and housing companies submitted to the register in November 2014 or later.

You can retrieve a list of available electronic documents in two different ways:

  • Use the company search and search by the name or Business ID of the company. When you get to “Company information", click on “Electronic company documents".
  • Open the menu under “Register searches". Select “Online document search" and enter the Business ID of the company.

Go to Virre. Open link in a new tab

The search results show the public documents relating to the company’s Trade Register notifications. The search covers all documents we have received in or after November 2014. You can buy the documents grouped by notification (record number). After the purchase, all the documents relating to the selected notification will be available for you to open and download on your computer in PDF format.

In the online document search, the document type “Rules" refers to a copy of the organisation rules (such as articles of association) submitted by the customer, which may differ from the one registered. You can buy registered organisation rules in Virre from the section “Extracts, certificates and organisation rules".

If you need older material, you can

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