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Duty to notify - new businesses

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Which businesses must be registered at the Finnish Trade Register?

Today, most businesses must be registered at the Trade Register. A start-up notification must be submitted for a new business, containing basic information on the business and the trade it carries on.

The start-up notification must be filed before start of operation.

Following businesses are invariably obliged to file a start-up notification:

  • A private trader who

      • carries on a licenced trade; or
      • who has a permanent place of business, i.e. premises separate from his/her own residence; or
      • who has in his/her employment a person other than his/her spouse or child or grandchild who is underage or otherwise under his/her guardianship.
      • However, persons engaged in agriculture or fishing are not under obligation to file a notification.
  • General partnerships and limited partnerships
  • Limited companies
  • Housing companies
  • Co-operatives
  • Mutual insurance companies
  • Savings banks
  • Mortgage associations
  • Insurance associations
  • Public businesses
  • Tenant-owners' societies
  • Non-profit organizations and foundations that, for the purpose of carrying on a trade, have a permanent place of business or employ at least one person.
  • Foreign traders who establish a branch in Finland.
  • European economic interest groups and interest groups registered elsewhere that establish a place of business in Finland.
  • Societas Europaea
  • European Cooperative Societies.

Please note that a start-up notification can be submitted even by a business not obliged to do so.

For example, an enterprise mortgage used as a security for a loan can only be registered on the property of a registered business enterprise. Registration is the most efficient way of protecting the trade of a business enterprise.

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