Contact details for the library

Street address

Sörnäisten rantatie 13 C, Helsinki, Finland

The PRH is closed on official midweek holidays. See a list of the official midweek holidays.

Mailing address

Finnish Patent and Registration Office
FI-00091 PRH, Finland

Phone number

+358 29 509 5030

Email addresses

Library: library(at)
Copies of patent publications: copyserv.patent(at)
Information service orders: infoserv.patent(at)

Scandinavian letters å, ä and ö are replaced with a, a and o, respectively.

Bank account

Nordea Bank Plc, branch in Finland FI97 1660 3000 1039 71 NDEAFIHH



Library Secretaries

Mr Jyrki Kämäräinen
Mr Petri Paavola

Library services

  • inquiries
  • copy orders by phone
  • ordering and studying of publications
  • advisory service
  • book borrowings
  • copies of periodicals
  • library databases
  • book orders
  • journal orders

Information service

  • information retrievals from patent databases
  • monitoring of competitors
  • monitoring of applications

Copy service

  • invoicing
  • receipt of orders
  • answers to questions
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