What does priority mean?

Priority gives you the right to take precedence over others.

If you are applying to register your product as a design and you want to invoke an earlier design right application or utility model application that you have filed somewhere else, give all the following details in your application:

  • the country where you filed the first application
  • the original filing date, and
  • the number of the application.

Remember to request priority as you file your application to register a design. We will not accept any requests for priority submitted later.

If you want to request priority, submit your registration application within six months after you filed your first application for a design right or utility model somewhere else.

A design right registered by the PRH is valid only in Finland. If you also want to register the design in other countries, submit a separate application to every desired country, or to a community of countries, such as the European Union. You must file the separate application within the six-month priority period and under the regulations of each country or community. When applying for a design right abroad, you can also make use of the so-called international design registration.

Read more about design registrations abroad.

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Latest update 24.07.2019