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Choosing your company name

Our company name instructions with information on registration requirements provide you with help for planning names. Read more about names in our instructions.

A preliminary examination that you can carry out yourself forms a substantial part of the name planning procedure. Even if we conduct the final name examination, you can do preliminary work on the inventiveness of the name and possible bars to registration, such as identical company names.

If you want to use the company name as a domain name as well, check the availability of the domain when planning the name. Please note that different requirements apply for registering domain names and company names. An available domain name does not necessarily mean that the same name can be registered as a company name. We suggest that you do not choose the domain name before the company name has been registered at the Trade Register. Read more about domain names at link in a new tab

Name examination at the Trade Register

Please note that we will not examine your company name proposal until you have filed your start-up notification. The name examination is included in the notification procedure. The Trade Register cannot confirm in advance if the proposed name can be registered.

The name must be individual and distinctive, and it may not be confusingly similar to any already registered names. We compare the proposed name with other similar registered or pending names, and with trademarks, place names and family names.

If we cannot accept the name you propose, we will contact you and ask you to provide us with new proposals. To speed up the processing, you can propose several name alternatives on the form.

Read more about names in our instructions.

Make a preliminary examination in our Name checking service

Use our Name checking service for companies to check in advance if the name you are considering for a new company qualifies for registration.

The search result data originate from the following sources:

  • Trade Register
  • the Register of Foundations
  • the Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  • the National Land Survey of Finland
  • the Finnish trademark register
  • the trademark register maintained by WIPO.

Please note that we will not check the registrability of the company name before your notification has become pending at the Trade Register.

Study alternatives in our Name checking service for companies.Open link in a new tab

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