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Processing of financial statements at the Finnish Trade Register

The law obligates certain types of companies to file financial statements for each financial period for registration with the Finnish Trade Register.

The financial statement documents must be filed using our form for this purpose or our online service (section 11, subsection 1 of the Finnish Business Information Act).

The financial statements are registered at the Trade Register, and the registration is recorded in the company’s Trade Register details. As soon as the financial statements have been registered, we send a register extract to the company’s mailing address recorded in the Finnish Business Information System (BIS) at

Registered financial statement documents are public by law. They are publicly available on the PRH Virre Information Service. Go to Virre Information Service.Open link in a new tab

We also provide bulk transfers for businesses, companies and authorities. Businesses and companies pick certain key figures from the financial statements and use the information to tailor various services for their customers. Read more about our co-operation partners providing details from financial statements.

How to ask for revision of registrations of financial statements filed with the Finnish Trade Register?

Primarily, the financial statements submitted to the Trade Register are public documents.

We revise registrations of filed financial statements only if the documents contain information that is confidential under the law or if the documents have been registered incorrectly, for example, for the wrong company, or the registered financial statements have not been approved.

Specify in your rectification request which information is confidential under the law or which documents have been registered incorrectly. File your financial statements again using the online service at The online service is available in Finnish and Swedish.

Send your rectification request by email as a single PDF file to In the subject line of your message, write the name and Business ID of the company.

Please note that the filing of financial statements has been moved to the online service at link in a new tab We no longer accept financial statements by email.

What does it cost?

Financial statements can be filed free of charge within eight months of the end of the financial period. If you file the financial statements late, we will charge a handling fee of 100 euros for registration.

The fee also applies to financial statements where a register entry concerning them has been rectified, and filed financial statements have been removed due to inadequacy or incorrectness, and new financial statements are filed for registration later than the deadline set out in law.

We will send you an invoice after the financial statements have been registered.

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