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Company and organisation search at print button added and display of the code of the main line of business improved

We released a new company and organisation search function at in April 2023. Based on the feedback we received, we have made changes to the search function as per our customers’ requests.

The search function now involves a print button for printing the retrieved details. Please note that if you are logged in and search for tax debt details concerning private traders, the tax debt details are not displayed in the printout for the time being.

The main line of business filed with the Finnish Tax Administration is now also displayed as a code, not only as text.

We have also improved the search for details using the Business ID. You no longer need to type the Business ID with the hyphen in the search field, because the service will add the hyphen automatically.

The company and organisation search at contains basic information about companies or organisations that have a Business ID. The search also allows you to read tax debt details. The search is free of charge.

Go to the company and organisation search at link in a new tab

For further information, please contact

Trade Register’s Advisory Service

Printable version Latest update 20.06.2023