Seminar on the Future of Auditing 2.0

Welcome to our seminar on Future of Auditing and Use of Big Data!

Come and hear about the latest developments in the field of auditing!

The event is targeted at all those who are interested in the future of auditing: regulators, auditing professionals and students thinking of auditing as a future career. The keynote speakers are distinguished professors in the fields of auditing, accounting and research.

The event will be conducted in English except the panel discussion, which will be in Finnish. The seminar is free of charge. Please register on 11 May 2018 at the latest.

The event is organized and hosted by the Department of Accounting at Aalto University School of Business and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, Auditor Oversight Unit.

Seminar programme (pdf, 0,99 Mt)

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Perjantai 18.5.2018 klo 13:00 - 16:15


Aalto University School of Business, Chydenia Building, Runeberginkatu 22 – 24, Helsinki


13:00 Opening remarks
Director Riikka Harjula, Finnish Patent and Registration Office, Auditor Oversight Unit

13:05 Keynote: Future of Auditing
Professor David Hay, University of Auckland, New Zealand

- Changes in: standards, firms, research, global trends
- Current and future issues
- New auditing techniques
- Changing audit firms
- Future of the profession
- Auditing careers
- Questions and answers

Presentation (pdf, 3,18 Mt)
David Hay is the Professor of Auditing at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and Visiting Professor at Aalto University. David has a substantial role in auditing research as the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Auditing. Bio

14:00 Keynote: Quantifying Qualitative Data – Big Time!
Professor Jukka Sihvonen, University of Vaasa
A major hindrance in applying Big Data approach to qualitative research is that the data are usually hard to collect and non-numerical. In this presentation I review the potential of using web-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in obtaining, refining and analyzing qualitative information in large amounts.
- Questions and answers

Presentation (pdf, 0,85 Mt)
Jukka Sihvonen is an Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance at the University of Vaasa. He holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Vaasa. His previous research experience includes visiting appointments at Goethe University, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of Finland. Bio

14:30 Coffee break

15:00 Paneeli: Tulevaisuuden tilintarkastaja. Mitä on tilintarkastus tulevaisuudessa?
- Tilintarkastajan toimenkuva 2020-luvulla ja tulevaisuudessa
- Mitkä ovat keskeiset muutokset nykyhetkeen nähden?
- Miten toimintaympäristön muutoksiin varaudutaan?
- Tekoälyn ja tekniikan mahdollisuudet tilintarkastusammatille
- Mitä tulevaisuus tarjoaa?
- Tilintarkastusasiakkaan odotukset tilintarkastukselta muuttuvat maailman mukana

Osakas/Partner Antti Suominen, EY
Osakas/Partner Marcus Tötterman, KPMG Oy Ab Presentation (pdf, 0,36 Mt)
Johtaja/Senior Manager Johan Groop, Deloitte Oy
Johtaja/Senior Manager Teemu Vieruaho, PwC Presentation (pdf, 0,37 Mt)
Talousjohtaja/CFO Pekka Pajamo, Keskinäinen työeläkevakuutusyhtiö Varma
Kaupunginreviisori Erja Viitala, Tampereen kaupunki Presentation (pdf, 0,16 Mt)

Professori/Professor Lasse Niemi, Aalto-yliopisto, kauppakorkeakoulu

16:15 Closing remarks


Registration for this event has ended.


Pasi Horsmanheimo
Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH)
Email: pasi.horsmanheimo(at)

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