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Indian Patent System 15 December 2020

Webinar on Patenting in India - New Date!

<p>Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) together with Finland - India Business Association will arrange a webinar on Indian Patent System on the 15th of December 2020. </p><p>India is a promising country for high technology companies because of its vast population, development potential and highly skilled engineers and programmers. However, its patent system comprises some unique features not very well known in Europe. In this webinar, Indian patent attorneys Ms Deepa Tiku and Mr Anupam Trivedi will give you an overview of patenting in India. </p><p>Remember to register for the webinar by 11 December 2020.</p><p><b>Please note the new date: the webinar was originally planned for Thursday 19 November 2020 but it is postponed to Tuesday 15 December 2020.</b> If you had registered for the event in November we will transfer your registration to the new date. You need not to register again.</p>


tiistai 15.12.2020 klo 09:30 - 11:00


Online event (MS Teams)


<p><b>Programme</b></p><p><span><b>09:30 </b></span><span><b>Welcome!</b><br /></span><span>Jorma Lehtonen, Head of Division, Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH)</span></p><p><b>09:35 Overview on Finnish Indian Relations, Ministry for Foreign Affairs Finland</b><br /><span>Ari Tasanen, India Country Coordinator, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland </span></p><p><b>09:45 Special Features of Indian Patent System<br /></b><span>Deepa Tiku, Partner and Practice lead Biotech Biosciences, K&S Partners<br /></span><span>Anupam Trivedi, Partner, Patents, K&S Partners</span></p><p><b>10:20 Questions and Discussion</b></p><p><b>10:50 Thank you!</b><br /><span>Jukka Nuortio, Chairman, Finland - India Business Association</span></p><p><b>11:00 End of Webinar </b></p>


<p><b>Registration</b></p><p><a href="" class="stato5outline linkelement statoelement" target="_blank" id="textareaid5LkhaIlnK" fullpath="/channels/admin/www/prh/fi/index/tietoa_prhsta/seminaarit/pUkObQexi/Stato.CardMeta/Workspace/Work/ilmoittautuminen/prh.link_2" onclick="Stato.SelectTextareaElement('/bin/get/eid/6HSqZuARD%3A312-NjNhOWYwZWE3YmI5ODA1MDc5NmI2NDllODU0ODE4NDU%2461%24-cFZOWTVSWUhl-pVOrVXZos-pXFkeZPvi-0ZtO6pBK2.6HSqbUTeR','','textareaid5LkhaIlnK');return false;">To join the webinar please register online by 11 December 2020. </a><br /></p><p><span>Registered attendees will receive the webinar link two days before the webinar date. </span><br /></p>


<p>For additional information please contact<br /><br /><span>Mr Jorma Lehtonen<br /></span><span>jorma.lehtonen(at)<br /></span><span>Tel. +358 29 509 5904</span></p>
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