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Seminar on Big Unanswered Questions in Financial Reporting 9 October 2019

Fundamental questions in financial reporting

<p>The seminar is intended for anyone who is interested in the fundamental actual questions in financial reporting, the use of financial information and auditing. Researchers, students, auditors, regulators as well as representatives of businesses are all welcome to the event. </p><p>The event is organized and hosted by the Department of Accounting at Aalto University and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, Auditor Oversight Unit.<br /></p><p>The keynote speaker Ray Ball (University of Chicago) is a distinguished professor in the field of accounting and financial reporting. The other speakers are panellists Mr. Paul Koster (Dutch Investors´ Association VEB) representing investors and Mr. Christian Savtschenko (PwC) representing audit industry. All three speakers bring different perspectives to the topic. </p><p>The event will be conducted in English and it is free of charge.</p>


keskiviikko 9.10.2019 klo 13:00 - 16:00


Aalto University, Room Harvard, Ekonominnaukio 1, 02150 Espoo


<h2 fullpath="/channels/admin/www/prh/fi/index/tietoa_prhsta/seminaarit/C2QJ8enpe/Stato.CardMeta/Workspace/Work/ohjelma/prh.otsikko.h1_1"> Programme</h2><blockquote style="margin-right: 0px;" dir="ltr"><p><b>13.00</b>: <b>Opening remarks<br /></b><br /><b>13.05: Big Unanswered Questions in Accounting<br /></b><br />What is the actual economic role of financial reporting?<br />Why is this question important, why is it unanswered?<br />What types of inventive research design are needed to help answer it?<br />Examples of the types of questions involved</p><p><b>Professori Ray Ball<br />Sidney Davidson Distinguished Service Professor of Accounting, University of Chicago</b></p><p><b>13.45:</b> <b>Q&A<br /></b><br /><b>14:00:</b> <b>Coffee break</b><br /><br /><b>14.30:</b> <b>Panel discussion</b><br /><br />Use of information: Financial reporting vis-á-vis non-financial reporting <br />Assured information vis-á-vis non-assured information<br />Social, environmental and economic responsibility<br />Good Governance<br />What is the use of assurance in information sharing?<br /><br />Panellists:<br /><b>Ray Ball, Professor, University of Chicago<br />Paul Koster, Managing Director, VEB<br />Christian Savtschenko, Partner, PwC Finland<br /></b><br /><b>16.00:</b> <b>Closing remarks<br /><br /></b></p></blockquote>


<h2 fullpath="/channels/admin/www/prh/fi/index/tietoa_prhsta/seminaarit/C2QJ8enpe/Stato.CardMeta/Workspace/Work/ilmoittautuminen/prh.otsikko.h1_1"> Registration</h2><p>Registration for the evenet is closed.</p><h2 fullpath="/channels/admin/www/prh/fi/index/tietoa_prhsta/seminaarit/C2QJ8enpe/Stato.CardMeta/Workspace/Work/ilmoittautuminen/prh.otsikko.h1_2"> Welcome!</h2>
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