Renew your trademark every 10 years

A trademark will remain valid for 10 years. The period is counted either from the date of application or from the date of registration, depending on when the application was filed. You can renew your trademark every 10 years and continue keeping it valid for an indefinite time.

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You can renew your registration

  • not earlier than one year before it expires, and
  • not later than six months after it expires.

If you do not renew the registration until after the expiry date, you will have to pay a higher renewal fee. Please note that the amount of the renewal fee also depends on the number of classes of goods and services included in the registration. See the fees in our price list and payment instructions.

If you fail to renew your trademark within six months after the expiry date, we will remove the mark from the register.

Expiration reminder

The PRH reminds registered trademark owners at least 6 months before the due date that the registration is expiring. To make sure that our reminder reaches you, it is important that you notify us of any changes to your name, company type, address, or other such details. Read further instructions on how to file changes.

How to renew your registration

Renew your registration using our online service (available in Finnish and in Swedish). We will send you a separate notification of the renewal of your registration. It is also possible to renew the registration only in part. In other words, you may leave out one or more classes when you are renewing.

You cannot file changes to your register details with a renewal application. Instead, you need to fill in a separate ‘Application concerning a registered trademark’ for them (available in Finnish and in Swedish). Please note that you can notify us about a change of address by email.

The service requires user identification through the portal. Go to the online service to renew your registration.

We accept paper applications only for a special reason

We can accept applications filed on paper or by email only for special reasons, for example if the online service is unavailable due to a technical problem or an interruption to the data traffic, or if the applicant has no real chance of using the online service.

Foreign applicants and foreign representatives who are not able to identify themselves through the service using their internet banking codes or a mobile certificate can submit the application on paper or by email.

Note that if you have neither domicile nor a registered office within the European Economic Area (EEA), you must appoint a representative.

See the fees in our price list and payment instructions.

Specify the list of goods and services by the next time you renew your registration

Old registrations can include lists of goods and services where the list items are set out in a very vague manner, as was typical of the time. For example, the list may only contain a class number or the phrase ‘all goods in this class’. In such cases, the owner may be given an opportunity to specify the list.

The last chance to specify your list is when you renew your trademark for the first time after the first of May 2019, when the new Finnish Trademarks Act entered into force.

Read more about specifying the list of goods and services.

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