EU trademarks

An EU trademark gives protection in all European Union countries. This means you can get protection throughout the whole of the EU by filing just one application.

An EU trademark can be registered only throughout the whole of the EU or not at all. If there is an insurmountable obstacle to the registration of your application in any of the countries, it cannot be registered at all. In such a case you still have the opportunity to change your EU trademark application into ordinary national applications in the desired countries.

EU trademarks are registered by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante, Spain.

Who can apply?

In practice, almost anyone can apply for an EU trademark.

How can I apply?

Submit your EU trademark application directly to EUIPO. The easiest way is to use the online application form. Pay the application fee to EUIPO's account.

You must pay the fee within a month from the day when you filed your application in order to have that day recorded as your application date. Read more on the EUIPO website.

How long will the trademark be valid?

The EU trademark will be valid for ten years starting from the application date.

Which countries does the registration cover?

The registration gives you protection in all member countries of the European Union. Read more on the EUIPO website.

What does it cost?

See the fees on the EUIPO website.

The eSearch database

You can search for EU trademarks and applications recorded in the EU Trademark Register in the eSearch service. The service is free of charge. Go to the search page.

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