Transfer of trademark and change of owner

You may sell or otherwise transfer your trademark to another owner. The change in trademark ownership must be recorded in the Trademark Register.

The assignment application must contain the following details (‘assignment’ is the legal term for a transfer of ownership):

  • application or registration number of the trademark
  • name, domicile or registered office, and address of the assignee
  • name, domicile or registered office, and address of the representative, if any
  • list of the goods and services included in the assignment, if there are some that are not included (partial assignment)
  • copy of a signed document providing proof of the transfer, for example a copy of a contract of sale or of a separate assignment document

If the transfer is requested by someone other than the assignee, you must also submit a document providing proof of the assignee’s consent.

Note that if the new owner of the registration has neither domicile nor a registered office in the European Economic Area (EEA), they must appoint a representative. The representative must be given an authorisation to act on behalf of the owner in all matters concerning the trademark.

Use our online service for registered trademarks (available in Finnish and in Swedish) to submit the changes. The service requires user identification through the portal. Go to the service.

Fees and payment instructions

We charge a fee for recording the transfer of a registered trademark. Note that if you are paying for the assignment application from abroad, you must also pay any handling fees charged by your bank. See the fee on our price list and payment instructions.

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Latest update 17.06.2019