Search instructions

Free text search

Use free text search to search for a specific word or character string. The free text search searches for the character string in the following fields:

  • words in a trademark (word elements)
  • name of applicant/holder
  • name of representative
  • application number
  • registration number

A word or character string as such will only search for marks in which the word or character string appears as a separate word. If you also want to search for a character string appearing in the middle of a word, you have to use a truncation mark (*). The truncation mark can be used at the beginning, the end, or both the beginning and end of the character string.

You can also include more than one search word in the search criteria, which can be combined by any of the criteria OR, AND and NOT. Put OR or a blank space between words to search for marks meeting either of the criteria. Put AND between words to search for marks containing both of the words. You cannot use the words above as search words in free text search.

Advanced search

Choose advanced search and fill in search words in the appropriate fields. You can also use one or more search fields in the search.

Words in the mark
Search for a specific character string by adding quotation marks (“ “) around it. For example, “r-kioski" searches for trademarks with the words R and kioski one after another.

Use the asterisk (*) as a truncation mark. You can use it in the beginning and/or at the end of a word. For example, if you use the word super as a search term, the search will only return marks consisting of the word super. But if you use super* as a search term, the search will also return marks that start with that character string, for example superlon.

Search for a specific name by adding quotation marks (“ “) around the character string. For example, if you use “A-lehdet Oy" as a search term, the search will only return marks where A-lehdet Oy is the applicant or holder. But if you use A-lehdet as a search term, the search will return all applicants or holders that include either A or lehdet.

Current status

The search can be restricted to applications with a particular status. The status field shows if the application is national or international, and if the application is pending, registered or withdrawn, for example. You can choose several statuses by pressing the Ctrl key at the same time as you are clicking with the mouse. If you don’t want to restrict the search by status, then leave the field empty. The selected statuses will also be shown in the free text search field above the advanced search. You can delete your choice of status by entering an empty line in the pull-down menu (at the top).

Classes of goods and services

Check which goods and services the classes contain.

Please note that when you are searching for marks in classes 43-45, add also class 42, as the services in classes 43–45 were classified in class 42 before 2002.

Vienna classification

Figures in trademarks are classified according to the International Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks under the Vienna Agreement. This means that specific categories are provided for various figurative elements, such as celestial bodies or animals.
These categories (Vienna codes) allow us, for example, to search for marks with no words or letters but with figures such as the sun and human beings or parts of the human body. Marks including such figures are found in category 1.3.7 (Sun with human beings or parts of the human body).

Vienna classification

Search result

The search result shows the details of a maximum of 1000 trademarks. If your search gives more than 1000 results, you should specify search criteria to narrow down the search.

Your search results will include a list of marks meeting the search criteria. The list shows the following details:

  • application number (in international registrations the application number beginning with the letter W is the unofficial application number used by the PRH)
  • registration number (national or international)
  • current status of the application or registration
  • words in the mark (word elements)
  • trademark, if it involves a figure or the word is stylized
  • name of applicant or holder
  • classes of goods or services

You can arrange the search in ascending or descending order by clicking the heading of the field (Application nr, Registration nr, Current status, Word elements, Mark, Applicant/Holder or Classes). A small arrow appears on the right of the selected heading showing the heading you have chosen.

The application number in the first result field acts as a link to the details of the mark.

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