Application process at the PRH

Processing your trademark application at the PRH takes a couple of months. However, the proposed trademark is given protection from the application date onwards against any trademark applications filed later.

When can I speed up the processing?

You can accelerate the processing of your trademark application only for very cogent reasons. Such reasons include, for instance, ongoing legal proceedings on the proposed trademark. Economic reasons, or the fact that you will be launching the trademark in the near future, are not adequate reasons to speed up the processing.

Bear in mind that the trademark applied for is conditionally protected from the application date onwards. This means that if you file your trademark application today, it will get priority over an application filed tomorrow.

If you are launching your product in the near future, asking us to carry out a preliminary examination for a fee is a good way to quickly find out whether your mark can be registered for the goods and services concerned. Read more about preliminary examinations.

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Latest update 15.07.2020